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Middleton-Hands Trophy (Evening League)
Fixtures 2023

Group A League Table
Group B League Table

All games 6.15pm start unless stated otherwise.

Thurs 18th May - Farmers v Crewkerne
Crewkerne 128-2 (L.James 34, G.Fry 32no, C.Callow 23no, C.Gould 21) in 16 overs.
Farmers 122 for 0 wkts (A.Richards 87no, E.Maltby 29no) in 16 overs.
Crewkerne won by 6 runs.

Thurs 25th May - MDA v Mapperton Marauders
Mapperton Marauders 78-7 (A.Crawford 26, L.Young 18, J.Hawkins 2-13) in 16 overs.
MDA 79-5 (D.Hyett 39, R.Runyard 20) in 14.2 overs.
MDA won by 5 wkts.

Wed 31st May - Merriott v Thorncombe Flyers
Merriott 133-5 (Callum 27no, Hendo 25no, R.Rowe 2-3) in 16 overs.
Thorncombe Flyers 54-9 (H.Gregory 15no, Lochlan 2-2, J.Rowe 2-1, Hendo 2-1) in 16 overs.
Merriott won by 79 runs.

Thurs 1st June - YDH Cricket v Farmers
Farmers 134-6 (S.Wakeley 38, R.Puzey 27) in 16 overs.
YDH Cricket 121-7 (Sam 40, Satish 27, Andrew 3-22, Dormer 2-19) in 16 overs.
Farmers won by 13 runs.

Wed 7th June - MDA v Crewkerne
Crewkerne 173-1 (R.Keylock 72no, C.Gould 59) in 16 overs.
MDA 139-6 (D.Hyett 44, T.Pattemore 25, R.Runyard 24) in 16 overs.
Crewkerne won by 33 runs.

Thurs 8th June - YDH Cricket v Mapperton Marauders
YDH Cricket 149-6 (Ryan 59, Badar 47, T.Goatley 2-10) in 16 overs.
Mapperton Marauders 142-2 (T.Fowler 74) in 16 overs.
YDH Cricket won by 7 runs.

Friday 9th June - Soakers v Beaminster Knappers
Soakers 86-8 (O.Bareham 3-6) in 16 overs.
Beaminster Knappers 88-4 (O.Bareham 35no, TJ Patel 21, L.King 3-12) in 13 overs.
Beaminster Knappers won by 6 wkts.

Tues 20th June - YDH Cricket v MDA
YDH Cricket 101–6 (Shan 39, J.Ronan 2-5) in 12 overs.
MDA 104-2 (D.Hyett 48, R.Runyard 32no) in 7.5 overs.
MDA won by 8 wkts.

Wed 21st June - Wynyards Gap v Beaminster Knappers
Wynyards Gap 112–8 (A.Stover 63, O.Hey 2-10, O.Bareham 2-8, S.Jones 2-12) in 16 overs.
Beaminster Knappers 116-5 (R.Meech 39) in 12.4 overs.
Beaminster Knappers won by 5 wkts.

Crewkerne v YDH Cricket
YDH Cricket conceded

Tuesday 25th July - MDA v Farmers
Farmers 134-2 (W.Hanrahan 84no) in 16 overs.
MDA 137-2 (R.Runyard 59no, J.Hawkins 43no) in 12.4 overs.
MDA won by 8 wkts.

Wed 9th August - Beaminster Knappers v Merriott
Merriott 110-7 (R.George 50, Simon Jones 3-5) in 16 overs.
Beaminster Knappers 106-5 (R.Baker 51) in 16 overs.
Merriott won by 4 runs.

Thurs 10th August - Wynyards Gap v Merriott
Wynyards Gap 122-7 (T.White 28, J.Billen 22no) in 16 overs.
Merriott 126-1 (Fin 71no) in 9 overs.
Merriott won by 9wkts.

Wed 16th August - Mapperton Marauders v Farmers
Mapperton 146-1 (A.Crawford 66no, A.Waddington 33no, Tom Fowler 33) in 16 overs.
Farmers 118-3 (R.Wakeley 62) in 16 overs.
Mapperton won by 28 runs.

Thurs 17th August - Wynyards Gap v Thorncombe Flyers
Thorncombe 101-5 (S.Green 41no) in 16 overs.
Wynyards Gap 102-2 (A.Stover 55no) in 11.2overs.
Wynyards Gap won by 8 wkts.

Mon 21st August - Thorncombe Flyers v Beaminster Knappers
Thorncombe 119-4 (S.Green 50no) in 16 overs.
Beaminster Knappers -120-2 (R.Baker 52no, J.Hansford 41no) in 13.3 overs.
Beaminster Knappers won by 8wkts.

Tues 22nd August - Crewkerne v Mapperton Marauders
Mapperton 98-8 (A.Waddington 43no, A.Crawford 31, O.Weatherall 2-3) in 16 overs.
Crewkerne 100-1 (C.Gould 65no) in 11.3 overs.
Crewkerne won by 9 wkts.

Sun 10th September - Finals Day
1.00pm - Merriott v MDA
3.00pm - Crewkerne v Beaminster Knappers
5.00pm - Final

Beaminster Knappers became the 2023 winners of the Middleton-Hands Trophy, the Evening League run by Broadwindsor Cricket Club.
In the first semi-final, Merriott 148-4 (G.Retter 36, J.Henderson 46no, C.Rice 28no) beat MDA 118-6 (D.Hyett 25, T.Pattemore 24) by 30 runs.
In the second semi-final, Crewkerne 84-8 (C.Gould 32, TJ.Patel 2-8) lost to Beaminster Knappers 86-7 in 12 overs (S.Jones 48no, A.Collins 4-4) by 3wkts.
In the final, Beaminster totalled 156-3, with A.Moss 50no, R.Baker 41 and P.Edwards 30 all making good runs. Merriott were always struggling to keep up with the rate, only L.Rice (31) and F.Hayton (25) contributing as Edwards (3-8) and Baker (4-3) excelled.

Competition rules 2023
We have 10 teams entered for the 2023 season, split into 2 groups of 5.
The top 2 teams in each group will qualify for Finals Day on Sunday 3rd September (2 Semi-Finals and the Final).
2 points for a win. If scores are tied, the winners will be the team who lose the fewest wickets.
If teams level on points at the end of the group stage, positions will be decided on each teams run-rate.
All games to start at 6.15pm with a duration of 16 x 6 ball overs.
In the case of bad weather the umpires may reduce allotted overs with a minimum of 8 overs per side.
Each player (not including wicket keeper) must bowl one over before anyone bowls a second over.
The last 6 overs can be nominated by the captain up to a maximum of 3 overs per bowler.
Broadwindsor CC will supply umpires for each game (we may occasionally ask someone from each team to stand at square leg and each team to score their own innings).
Match fees are £33 per team, per game (£3 per player) payable by the captain on the night.
The fee includes a small buffet back at our clubs main sponsor, The Knapp Inn, Beaminster. (Due to COVID-19 Rules, we may not be able to provide food until later in the season but you are all welcome back for a few beers).
Drinks are available at the ground with an honesty tin.
In the case of bad weather we will contact you on the day and sort a re-arranged date.
Thanks for entering and good luck.

The Committee, Broadwindsor CC

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